Healing benefits of copper


Will copper turn my finger green?

This is one of the most common questions we get about our raw copper jewelry, and the most accurate answer is that it depends on your Ph. Copper oxidizes when it comes in contact with air.  When that oxidation comes in contact with your skin, it can produce the distinctive green stain.  This happens in an acidic environment, so if your Ph. is on the acidic side, you are more likely to green.  Your body’s pH, which is the acidic/alkaline balance, can be impacted by diet. A diet heavy on fresh fruits and veggies shifts the balance towards alkalinity, and reduces any chance of greening. “Junk" processed food, red meat, coffee, and alcohol tip the scale towards acidic body pH. Your body’s reaction to copper cannot be predicted, however, steps can be taken to avoid that little green ring.

The good news is that if you DO green a little with one of our pure copper rings, you can use it as an indicator of overall health.  It's a vibrant little reminder to drink way more water than you do caffeine or alcohol, eats your veggies and lay off the junk food!  (Typed as I brew my second french press of the day...) Also, it's super easy to wash away any discoloring with a little soap and water.  (Just don't get your opal jewelry wet!)

What are the health benefits of copper?

Copper is an essential mineral your body needs.  Some people seek out pure copper, to help relieve the pain associated with arthritis, bursitis, and rheumatism, as well as improving circulatory functions.  Arthritis sufferers, among others, claim that their pain is alleviated by wearing natural copper.  Copper makes red blood cells and keeps your immune system in overall good order.  An extreme copper deficiency produces a variety of very serious side effects and can even be deadly.  

What are the metaphysical properties of copper?

  • Promoting good fortune

  • Acting as an amplifier for energy and subsequently the metaphysical qualities of the stone it is paired with
  • It stimulates optimism, independence, and self-acceptance.

Copper balances the root and sacral chakras. Promotes the energies of intuition, sensuality and vitality and directs these energies toward the pursuit of your evolution, assisting you in recognizing the barriers which are interfering with this process. Amplifies and transmits the healing energy of stones to the wearer, and balances and maintains stability and wellness. Provides a connection between the physical and spiritual bodies and is said to bring good luck and beneficial outcomes. Combats passivity, lethargy, restlessness and lack of self-acceptance while encouraging optimism, diplomacy and confidence. Provides a clear harmonic energy, free of restrictions and bias, guiding you into a balanced sense of self and your place in the world. Can be used to balance blood flow within the body and to cleanse wounds and fight bacterial infections. Treats arthritis, bursitis and rheumatism and stimulates the metabolism.

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