Birthstone - May & June - Gemini

  • Encourages forgiveness & compassion
  • Strong stone for cleansing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies
  • Reduces nightmares & promotes restful sleep

Truth, Unification

Balances the Heart and Sacral Chakras. Promotes creativity, hope, openness to new situations and recognition of the one-ness of us all. Heals the inner child by unlocking buried childhood emotions. Brings the infinite power of universal energy into the physical body and supports accessing deep states of meditation. Enhances faithfulness in all relationships, with self and others in personal or business scenarios. Supports overcoming impulsive and compulsive thoughts and behaviors, soothing the fiery defensiveness of an unhealthy ego, and aligning the wisdom of the higher self with your actions. Releases judgmental thoughts and feelings toward your self and others and encourages forgiveness and compassion. Reduces the urge to speak hasty and unkind words when irritated or angry and supports healing codependent relationships by enhancing independence while at the same time, supporting commitment. Reduces nightmares by easing recurrent stressful thoughts and promotes restful sleep. Strongly detoxifying, drawing heavy metals out of the body and strengthening liver function. Very useful to work with while cleansing in any way, physically, mentally or emotionally. Enhances fertility and guards against STDs. Balances hormones and aids in treating mental illness. Use with Smoky Quartz to treat fungal infections.