Birthstone - April - Aries

  • A bonding stone, brings love and clarity into partnerships, especially romantic
  • Stimulates imagination and inventiveness 
  • Enhances fearlessness and fortitude

Purity, Commitment

Balances the Crown Chakra. A symbol of purity and fidelity, bringing love and clarity into partnerships, especially romantic. A bonding stone in relationships, amplifying energy and increasing the flow of energy around it. Very useful for facilitating the effects of other stones, if used in conjunction with them. Care and awareness should be used, however, as Diamond will also amplify negative energies that are present, magnifying them for the purpose of integration. The pure light of this stone will clearly show any places of stagnation, resistance or hesitation so they can be cleared and transformed. A stone of courage and commitment in the face of the unknown, enhancing fearlessness and fortitude. Stimulates imagination and inventiveness and provides a link between the day to day mind and the higher wisdom, supporting the soul’s journey toward enlightenment. Traditionally it is understood that the power of this stone works most powerfully when Diamond is freely given, enhancing and strengthening the connection between the giver and receiver. As with all crystals, profound gratitude for the abundance and generosity of the Earth is encouraged when working with this stone. Cleanses the aura of any shadow shrouds and stimulates you in shining your unique light in the world. Treats glaucoma, problems with eyesight, and brain dysfunctions. Clears electromagnetic pollution and can be especially useful in the form of earrings to block cellphone emanations. One of the few stones that never needs recharging.