Birthstone - Taurus - May

  • A powerful stone in helping to cultivate more passion in one's life whether romantic and otherwise
  • Considered an artist's stone, helping bring creativity, mental clarity & confidence to all it's wearers artistic pursuits

Sensitivity, Loyalty

Emerald balances the heart chakra. A stone of “successful love,” encouraging you to fully commit yourself to your passion whether that is a creative or artistic pursuit, or a romantic relationship. It opens, activates and stimulates the heart, allowing your true nature to shine forth into the world. It quiets chaotic and disruptive emotional states and brings harmony to all areas of your life. Assists in maintaining the easy, rhythmic breathing that is the gateway to deep meditative states and allows you to synthesize and share the internal wisdom accessed in these states. Combines intelligence with discernment, so that it is clear and simple to make the choice of right action in every circumstance. Treats disorders of the spine, lungs, heart and muscular system, soothes the eyes.