GARNET - X2+3Y3+2Si3O12

Birthstone - Aquarius & Capricorn - January

  • A strong grounding and manifestation stone, said to help realize dreams and accomplish goals
  • Stone for helping increase commitment, honesty, hope and faith
  • Eases depression as it is said to help cultivate positive thinking and overcome past pain

RED GARNET- Balancing, Connecting, Flowing

Garnet balances the Root Chakra.  It extracts negative energy from all of the chakras and transforms this energy into a beneficial state. Garnet stone enhances your internal fire, bringing the creative powers forth and allowing for manifestation.  It encourages fidelity and devotion, dispelling feelings of abandonment and loneliness.  Garnets stimulate and balance movement of Kundalini energy from both the root and crown chakra, creating a free flow of energy along the spinal column and inner pathway of light.  Garnets create a balanced energy field around the physical body and align the mental and emotional bodies with universal energies.  Garnet is useful for purification, cleansing and elimination of disorder.  Treats imbalances of the heart, lungs and blood and assists in any healing that requires regeneration.

GREEN GARNET (a.k.a. Uvarovite) - Connection, Centering, Contentment

Balances the Heart Chakra. Synthesizes the active ideas of the intellect with the heart-knowing that we are all interconnected, allowing you to do all things with great love. Reminds you that you are always connected to all that is, allowing for the enjoyment of solitude without loneliness or isolation. Clears the mind, opens the heart and aids in remaining peaceful in any situation, especially when you are faced with turbulent or disturbed behavior in others. Supports staying calm and cool when under pressure, by maintaining a connection to the patient, steady energy of unconditional love at all times. Encourages loyalty and commitment to your self, to a project, to a relationship. Can be used to treat disorders of the heart and lungs, leukemia, kidney and bladder infections. Assists in the body’s natural detoxification processes.