IOLITE -  Mg2Al4Si5O18

Birthstone - Virgo - September & October

  • A powerful stone for helping one focus, stay motivated and organized in one's life
  • Relieves family stresses, whether sibling rivalry or parental obligations
  • Helps when working to overcome addiction

Enjoyment, Attunement

Iolite balances the third eye and crown chakras. One of the most powerful stones for accessing intuitive wisdom, it strengthens your ability to envision the life you are meant to live. Assists in moving through life changes without struggles and resistance, and releases discord and disruption from your life. Encourages harmony within relationships and balances the feminine and masculine aspects within yourself. Stimulates your awakening to your purpose and through the actions taken from that place of trust and knowledge, allows for deep joy and pleasure in daily life. Strengthens and aligns the auric field and provides support and companionship during guided meditations and astral travel. Treats the liver, said to minimize the detrimental effects of consuming alcohol. Can be used to lessen fatty deposits in the arteries and rid the body of toxins. Has been used in the treatment of malaria and other fever-producing disorders.