Aquamarine crystal bracelet | Aquamarine crystal bangle

Aquamarine crystal bracelet | Aquamarine crystal bangle


A small aquamarine crystal, herkimer crystal and hand-stamped feather tag have been hung on a copper bangle to create a one of a kind bracelet.

Every stone is as unique as the person it will adorn. Please allow for differences in color, shape and size.

Each piece is handcrafted in my tiny island studio on Martha's Vineyard. It comes ready for gift giving in hand-stamped, earth conscious packaging.



Birthstone - Pisces & Aries - March

*A stone of the sea, folklore says it was carried by sailors for luck and treasured by mermaids

*It helps its wearer let go & go with the flow—inspiring calmness and honesty

*Considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness, bringing joy, luck and fearlessness to those who wear or carry it

While we at HAWKHOUSE believe in the vast metaphysical properties of stones and also the power of intention, we cannot legally guarantee that wearing a certain stone will cure, help or solve anything.

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