Raw crystal ornament | Amethyst crystal ornament

Raw crystal ornament | Amethyst crystal ornament


Add a little sparkle to your holidays with a raw amethyst crystal ornament. The copper hook is hand-shaped and hammered. Please allow for variances with size, shape and clarity of each beautiful stone and hook as each is one-of-a-kind.

Every HAWKHOUSE piece is handcrafted in my tiny island studio on Martha's Vineyard. It comes ready for gift giving in hand-stamped, earth conscious packaging.



Birthstone - Aquarius & Pisces - February


Purifies and cleanses the aura

Creates an energetic shield around your body good for protection while traveling and matters of business and finances

Strengthens power of perception and helps stimulate your third eye assisting the development of psychic intuition

Helpful when working to overcome addictions

While we at HAWKHOUSE believe in the vast metaphysical properties of stones and also the power of intention, we cannot legally guarantee that wearing a certain stone will cure, help or solve anything.

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