Wholesale quartz pendants | Electroformed crystal point pendants

Wholesale quartz pendants | Electroformed crystal point pendants


This listing is for ten quartz crystal pendants. They come ready for you to assemble into lovely jewelry. These pendants are anywhere in size from 1" to 1.5".

Each was created to be as unique as the person it will adorn. Please allow for minor scratches/dings and natural fractures/smoky effects.

If you are looking for more than 20 pendants, please contact me for pricing.

Elec-tro-form : the process of a slow accumulation of metal particles on an object through electro-deposition. This takes anywhere from 12-24 hours.


*Clear Quartz is the most versatile & programmable crystal of all the healing minerals
*It amplifies the energy of all the crystals around it helping to manifest anything you program into it
*Perfect base crystal for people just beginning to learn about the healing powers of crystals

While we at HAWKHOUSE believe in the vast metaphysical properties of stones and also the power of intention, we cannot legally guarantee that wearing a certain stone will cure, help or solve anything.

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