Birthstone - Aquarius & Pisces - February

  • A stone that helps the unseen be seen, awaking it's wearer's magical abilities
  • Stone for those in the healing arts or medical fields, as it helps bring out empathy and sensitivity
  • Helps clear negativity and cleanses the aura

Transformation, Protection

Labradorite balances the throat chakra. This stone seals the aura and provides protection from energy leaks or energy thieves. Balances intuition and psychic wisdom with rationality. Supports the soul’s cycles of progression while providing a firm sense of self during the process. Grounds physical energies while raising consciousness, encouraging you to realize your highest potential. Banishes fear and insecurities. Calms the overactive mind and energizes the imagination, inspiring new ideas. Synthesizes the energies of the moon and the sun. Dispels illusions and goes to the root of the matter, showing the true intention behind thoughts and actions. A useful companion through change, imparting patience and perseverance. Acts as a reminder that a shift in perspective can transform your experience in any given situation. Treats disorders of the eyes and brain and regulates metabolism. Relieves colds, balances hormones and lowers blood pressure.