MOONSTONE - Al1-2Si3-2O8 & KAlSi3O8

Birthstone - Gemini & Cancer - June

  • Rich history of being used as a protection stone
  • Promotes and attracts love, both emotional and physical
  • Promotes fertility, connecting our bodies with the lunar cycle

Intuition, Awareness

Moonstone balances the crown chakra. A stone of lunar wisdom, for wishing and hoping, for receiving what is truly needed, not necessarily what is wanted.  Helps you to recognize the “ups and downs” of life and to gracefully acknowledge the changing cycles.  Brings calmness and awareness, eases emotional tension and provides a connection between the physical, emotional and mental bodies.  The energy of moonstone is balancing, introspective and reflective.  Its energy relates to “new beginnings,” allowing you to realize that these “new beginnings” are in fact the fruition of another “end.”  It brings flashes of insight and helps you to apply intuitive knowledge in a practical way.  It stimulates both confidence and composure and allows you to understand that there is no situation so difficult that it cannot be countered with loving diplomacy.  It arouses tenderness for your own self and brings happiness to the environment around it.  Guides you in removing obstacles and fulfilling your destiny.  Assists with the assimilation of nutrients, the elimination of toxins and treats disorders of the digestive and elimination systems.  A stone of connection with natural cycles, it promotes ease in pregnancy and childbirth, enhances fertility, and soothes PMS and menopausal symptoms.