OPAL - SiO2 & nH2O

Birthstone - Libra & Scorpio - October

  • A strong stone for promoting creativity and sparking inspiration
  • Opals contain a higher water content than most other stones, making them great for going with the flow and letting go of things that are holding you back
  • Said to help promote peaceful dreams and keep nightmares at bay

Amplification, Creativity

Balances the solar plexus, third eye and crown chakras. Encourages flashes of intuition and insight, guiding you toward beneficial action in the physical and spiritual realms. Stimulates vitality and enhances psychic perception. Magnifies your character traits for the purpose of re-patterning those habits that are not beneficial and strengthening those that are healing to you and the planet. Energizing and positive, promotes happy dreams and changes within the self, promoting creativity and imagination. Encourages pure, spontaneous action and releases restrictive inhibitions. Provides protection by shielding you from view in situations that are dangerous in some way, providing an energy of blending into the background if that is necessary. Awakens your connection to the sacred nature of your life’s work and brings joy and appreciation for the dedication and discipline required to do that work in the world. Treats infections, purifies the blood and kidneys, and regulates insulin production. Can be used to treat disorders of the eyes, clarifying and strengthening eyesight. Assists in treating Parkinson’s disease and provides comfort and ease during childbirth.