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    AGATE - S,O2

    Birthstone - Gemini, Capricorn & Scorpio

    - Stabilizes and strengthens it's wearer
    - Helpful for grounding & creating a sense of safety
    - Balances positive and negative energies

    Grounding, Centering, Stabilizing

    • Harmonizes yin and yang, masculine and feminine, positive and negative energies.
    • Encourages self-acceptance and self-confidence.
    • Improves concentration, perception and analysis, aiding in the discovery of practical solutions to life’s problems.
    • Stimulates speaking and living your truth, and helps to heal bitterness and resentment.
    • A stone of courage, it creates a feeling of safety and inner stability so you can integrate your life experiences in a holistic way, enhancing spiritual growth.
    • Stabilizes the aura, stimulates digestion and heals the stomach and uterus, cleanses the lymphatic system and circulatory system.