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    AMBER - C12H20O

    Birthstone - taurus, april & may

    - Fossilized resin is said to relieve stress and promote clarity of mind
    - A powerful healing stone to clear phobias and fears, bringing warmth to the wearer
    - Used to metaphysically cultivate balance, calmness, sensuality and romantic love to those who wear or carry it

    Enlivening, Stimulating, Electric

    • Balances the solar plexus chakra.
    • Benefits the electrical systems of the body, improves the functions of the brain and nervous system, release anxiety and increases clarity of mind.
    • Can be used for detoxification and to alleviate depression.
    • Allows the body to heal itself by absorbing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy.
    • Stimulates the intellect and assists in the art of manifestation, allowing you to transmute physical vitality toward the activation of unconditional love.
    • Often used as a symbol of love and trust when renewal wedding vows or other promises of the heart.
    • Useful for purifying birthing spaces and the natural oils of the stone help alleviate teething pain in children.
    • Can be used to treat asthma, exhaustion and infections.