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    Birthstone - Aquarius & Pisces - February

    - Purifies and cleanses the aura
    - Creates an energetic shield around your body for protection while traveling and matters of business and finances
    - Strengthens power of perception and helps stimulate your third eye assisting the development of psychic intuition
    - Helpful when working to overcome addictions

    Clarifying, Calming, Integrating

    • Balances the third eye & crown chakras.
    • The universal healer, it gently draws out pain and releases blockages in the physical and subtle bodies.
    • Dispels anxiety and confusion and brings calmness and clarity.
    • Supports intuition, cleansing and detoxification.
    • Allows you to overcome addictive patterns by accessing your inner fortitude and ability to stay with discomfort, without the need to run or hide within the illusory safety of addictive behaviors.
    • Protects against recurring nightmares, stimulates intuitive dreaming.
    • Integrates all systems of the body and balances emotional highs and lows.
    • Encourages selflessness and generosity.
    • Strengthens the immune system, cleansing the blood and digestive system.
    • Eases headaches and releases tension.
    • Reduces bruising, swelling and injuries.