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    - Radiates Earth energy, providing stability and grounding
    - Ammonite is a stone of protection
    - Removes delusion and helps to see the "whole picture"
    - Ammonite is associated with helping to ease passage, especially in concern to childbirth and times of transition

    Perspective, Protection

    • Ammonite is a stone of stability and structure, giving insight into any sort of building process and allowing you to maintain a wider perspective of the “big picture” even while working on small details.
    • Useful for architects and anyone working in the construction field.
    • Assists you in seeing that life is a great spiral, with many beginnings and endings, reminding you that we are all on our own journeys of growth and development.
    • Alleviates the depression and hopelessness that can come when going through yet another shift and re-birth, providing a constant reassuring reminder of the cyclical nature of life and how this contributes to world survival.
    • Helpful in eliminating the urge to snap at those around you and can transform negativity into a smooth, flowing energy.
    • Encourages relaxation and presence in this present moment.
    • Treats dysfunctions of the lungs and limbs and can be very useful in treating degenerative disorders.