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    AQUAMARINE - Be3Al2(SiO3)6

    Birthstone - Pisces & Aries - March

    - A stone of the sea, folklore says it was carried by sailors for luck and treasured by mermaids
    - Helps it's wearer let go & go with the flow, inspiring calmness and honesty
    - Considered a stone of eternal youth & happiness, bringing joy, luck and fearlessness to those who wear or carry it

    Courage, Awareness

    • Balances the throat chakra.
    • Facilitates clear communication of complicated or difficult concepts, allowing you to travel deep within your self to understand, process and simplify universal messages of harmony & evolution.
    • It has a gentle and compassionate energy, encouraging you to be gentler with yourself and others, quieting the voice of the inner critic.
    • Supportive when you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities, by clarifying what you are actually responsible for and providing strength and courage to take right actions.
    • Enhances intellectual capacity and assimilation and encourages trust in yourself and your ability to always be prepared for whatever you encounter.
    • There is a flowing quality to the stone and at the same time, an energy of structure and order, providing for alignment and connection between the physical and spiritual realms.
    • Treats swollen glands, improves clarity of vision, and assists in the maintenance of the structure of the teeth and bones.