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    TOURMALINE - NaFe2+3Al6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)4

    Birthstone - Libra - September & October

    • Promotes grounding, creativity, luck and success
    • Powerful protection stone, historically considered a magical stone capable of protecting those who carry it 
    • Emits healing negative ions and far-infrared rays

    BLACK TOURMALINE - Shielding, Strengthening

    Black tourmaline balances the root chakra. Deeply grounding, connecting the root chakra with the center of the Earth, acting as a reminder that we are all connected and created from the same source. Strongly protective, repels negativity of all kinds, and safeguards you from being overwhelmed by others’ negative energy. Increases physical vitality, emotional stability and intellectual clarity. Assists in maintaining a positive attitude even in extremely challenging situations. Awakens the qualities of altruism and encourages you to give of yourself and your talents without expectation of praise or reward. Treats pain in the low back, arthritis, dyslexia, heart disease, and anxiety.

    GREEN TOURMALINE - Connection, Compassion

    Green tourmaline balances the heart chakra. Encourages you to live with an open heart, letting that guide you in all decisions and actions. Contains a strong energy of the divine masculine, which is a champion of compassion and holding space for unconditional love. Acts as a connector with the plant world, conducting healing energy with clarity and directness between stones and plants, and translating the distinct vibrations of each for enhancement and energizing of the whole planet. Assists in learning about and working with the healing properties of plants, increasing their effectiveness and assimilation. Acts as a reminder that all living beings are one, sharing this world and transferring energy in a continual cycle of healing. Transforms negative energy to a positive state, inspires creativity and attracts success, prosperity and abundance. Treats disorders of the eyes and regenerates the heart, thymus and immune system.

    PINK TOURMALINE - Love & Safety

    Balances the Crown & Heart Chakras. A stone of trust and love of self and others, reminding you that self-love is the greatest teacher of how to love others. Learn to offer all of the devotion and appreciation you can imagine to yourself and let the overflow of that love and self-care nourish the world. An aphrodisiac that inspires warmth and generosity, enhancing the experiences of giving and receiving physical pleasure of all kinds, reminding you to notice and delight in the rich and varied treasures the world is always offering - a soft wind, the scent of a flower, the sounds of ocean waves lapping at the shore, the taste of a ripe pear, and on and on. There is so much to enjoy on this physical plane, and all of our bodies, emotional, mental, spiritual, intuitive, are nourished by the senses of the physical body. This stone releases emotional pain and old ideas of scarcity and hurt in love, while synthesizing love with spirit, which allows for a deep feeling of safety in loving. A stone of peace and relaxation, assisting your natural receptivity and integration of healing energies. Treats disorders of the heart, lungs and skin. Aids in healing hormonal imbalances.

    WATERMELON TOURMALINE - Calm, Tenderness

    Balances the Heart Chakra. Activates the strength of the heart as a champion and tireless advocate of love in all situations. Connects the heart and the higher wisdom of the soul to access a free flow of unconditional love, encouraging patience and tenderness while releasing impatience and irritation. Allows you to understand all sides of emotional disagreements and bring compassion and clarity to difficult situations, strengthening clear, honest communication in relationships of all kinds. Disperses emotional confusion and promotes generosity and tolerance. Assists in the ability to recognize, experience and encourage joy. Dissolves resistance to wholeness and the illusion of separation and isolation. Supports the health of the entire nervous system, aids in treatment and acceptance of paralysis, multiple sclerosis or other neurodegenerative conditions. Useful in treating anxiety and panic attacks.  Soothes stress.

    BLUE TOURMALINE (a.k.a. Indicolite) - Harmony, Clear Communication

    Balances the Throat & Third Eye Chakras. Allows access to realms of wisdom from the higher self, strengthens and supports the application of intuitive guidance in the action that you take. Acts as a reminder that we are part of a collective and offering our gifts in service to the whole is nourishing and rewarding in and of itself. Encourages spiritual development and evolution toward living in harmony with all beings. Supports self expression and communication of visions and learning gained during meditation and contact with spirit guides. Aids in recognizing and encouraging potential in others, especially in the areas of expanding knowledge and infusing all actions with love. Allows you to clearly see others as soul beings and relate to them on this level, without distraction and confusion by their human defensive patterns and habits. Treats the eyes, brain, throat, larynx, mouth, thyroid, thymus and esophagus. Can be useful for easing migraines.