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    OBSIDIAN a.k.a Dragon Glass

    • Deeply grounding and balancing 

    • Provides psychic protection for highly sensitive people
    • Cleanses negative energy and eliminates energy blocks

    Protection, Revelation, Release

    Balances the Root Chakra. A stone of deep soul healing, bringing hidden emotions to the surface, useful for releasing long held stresses and buried traumas. This process can be turbulent and unpleasant as old wounds and fears rise up to released, as this is a stone that works quickly and powerfully. Transformation can be painful, but change is essential for growth and spiritual evolution. Only outdated, unwanted remnants are released, so you can move forward, unencumbered by the past. Helpful for highly sensitive people, providing grounding and shielding from psychic attacks. Eliminates energy blockages and relieves tension, sometimes by bringing the cause of the tension up clearly and boldly. Some people may prefer a gentler stone if they are not ready to release what is holding them back, but it can be a powerful aid for therapists and counselors as it supports getting to the heart of the matter. Encourages exploration of the unknown by supporting mental clarity and focus. Expands consciousness once mental blocks have been removed, and assists you in recognizing who you truly are. Aids in seeing your shadow side clearly and doing the work necessary to integrate all parts of your self into the whole. Promotes fearless compassion for self and others. Aids in discovering the root causes of dis-ease, mental, emotional and physical. Stimulates circulation and reduces arthritis pain, joint issues and cramps. Since it is such a powerful energy shifter, it is important to cleanse Obsidian often, at least once a week if you are wearing or using it regularly.