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    PREHNITE - Ca2Al2Si3O10(OH)2

    Birthstone - September & October - Libra

    • Allows for deeply enhanced meditation, amplifies psychic abilities
    • Promotes serenity and peacefulness in it's wearer
    • Helpful for healers, can assist in clearing spaces and acts as a reminder of one's connection to the universal energy source

    Prophecy, Protection

    Balances the Heart, Third Eye & Crown Chakras.  Multiplies energy and enhances your personal protective shields.  A stone of “dreaming and remembering,” allows for deep experience in meditation and enhances your intuitive prophetic abilities.  The most accurate predictions come when the goal is for your spiritual growth and the benefit of all beings.  The stone of rapid spiritual evolution, it’s enhancing of intuition and prophecy is always for the development of the universal energy field. The healing stone for healers, offering unconditional love and reminding you of your perpetual connection with the universal energy source, allowing you to be prepared for whatever scenario you are in. Deeply calming and peaceful, supports the creation of a healing sanctuary wherever it is placed or called upon. Brings fresh energy to stagnant spaces and encourages the release of old patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve you. Can be very useful for reorganizing a living or treatment space in a manner that is in accordance with the energetic principles of Feng Shui. Releases scarcity mindset and encourages abundance and generosity. Disperses the stresses of nightmares and phobias. Can aid in the treatment of ADHD and the underlying causes. Treats disorders of the kidneys, bladder and connective tissue. Repairs the connective tissue of the body and rebalances hormones.