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    Birthstone - Capricorn

    • Purifying and protective, spiritually grounding
    • Aids in manifesting one's dreams

    • Counters the negative effects of everyday exposure to environmental radiation

    Grounding, Cleansing.

    Balances the Solar Plexus Chakra. Gently dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages which can limit perception and learning. Enhances meditation, connecting you to the Earth and Sky simultaneously. Creates a powerful force field with the power to absorb many forms of negativity, both from within your self and from outer sources. Assists in releasing worries, clearing and the mind and calming the emotions. A powerfully grounding stone, bringing you into the present moment. Blocks electromagnetic stresses. Aids in elimination and detoxification in the physical, mental and emotional bodies and brings in a high vibrational energy to fill the void. Encourages you to release anything that is no longer useful to your spiritual development, and lovingly directs you toward thoughts, words and actions which are beneficial to your self and the greater good of all. Disperses depression and resistance to what is, supporting acceptance and appreciation of your current circumstance, whatever it may be. Promotes positive, practical solutions and gives clear insight into the causes of problems. Enhances physical vitality and enjoyment of physical pleasure and passion. Useful to treating any discomfort or disorder in the area of the legs, hips, pelvis and stomach, including menstrual cramps, fertility issues and digestive distress. Relieves pain, promotes healthy assimilation of minerals and nutrients in the body, and strengthens the spine and muscles of the back.