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    TANZANITE - Ca2Al3(SiO4)3(OH)

    Birthstone -Sagittarius & Capricorn - December

    • Helps ease communication blocks and cultivates calmness
    • Harnesses psychic abilities and helps put more trust in intuition
    • Since it aids in cultivating calmness and intuition it is a perfect stone to be worn by people who work as counselors or therapists

    Communication, Understanding

    Tanzanite balances the throat, third eye and crown chakras. Stimulates clear communication between your higher and lower selves, between yourself and others, between yourself and wisdom from other-worldly beings. Opens the channel of psychic connection in the crown chakra, allowing for visions from higher spiritual realms. Provides safety and protection during all aspects of intentional visioning. Called a “stone of magic” for its ability to strengthen personal power and manifestation. Dispels laziness and idleness, transmuting negative energy into positive and amplifying the power of the positive qualities as a part of the process. Extremely useful for examining and integrating different aspects of the self. Treats skin disorders, scoliosis and eye problems.