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    • Stimulates telepathy and intuition
    • Promotes fertility through the balancing of masculine & feminine energies
    • Enhances reception and understanding of higher wisdom and messages

    Telepathy, Communication with Other Worlds

    Balances the Third Eye & Crown Chakras, although it can be used to re-align all of the Chakras individually. As a meteorite, it provides a link to other worlds, stimulating reception and understanding of higher wisdom and messages. Facilitates integration of experiences, releasing ideas and actions that are not useful and inspiring new perspectives and explorations for the purpose of spiritual growth and evolution. Promotes clear vision into the heart of your own self patterning, and assists you in learning from mistakes and resisting the habit of remaining in stagnant energetic ruts. Acts as a reminder that the world is vast and many possibilities exist at once. Opens the third eye and stimulates telepathy and intuition. Balances masculine & feminine energies and promotes fertility. Reduces fevers, enhances circulation and prevents the transmission of diseases.