Birthstone - June 

  • Encourages personal integrity & enhances receptivity to guidance
  • Helpful for clearing distractions and bringing one's focus back to the positive
  • Enhances fertility & eases childbirth

Faith, Integrity

Symbolizes purity and innocence, enhancing your receptivity to guidance from those who have your best interests at heart while at the same time, supporting your ability to distinguish between those acting from this pure motive and those who would manipulate you. Encourages personal integrity and sincerity and as a result, stimulates your ability to recognize and support this quality in others. Allows you to clear away distractions from both within and without the self and focus your attention on beneficial thoughts, words and actions. Calms boisterous behavior and encourages a clear-eyed and clear-hearted look at your self, so that you may understand how you appear to others. Can be used to treat digestive disorders and relieve bloating. Enhances fertility and eases childbirth.