• Strong stone of protection, creating a shield against many forms of negative energy and promoting safety
  • Supports overall health of all systems of the body
  • Connects it's wearer to the perfection of all things, encourages trust in divine order

Protection, Clarity of Vision and Intention

Balances the Crown Chakra. Provides a strong protective shield from many forms of negative energy, whether they are directed toward the physical, mental, emotional or energetic bodies. Protects against environmental pollution and encourages safety and focus when performing difficult or dangerous work. Supports the recognition of the pure nature at the heart of all beings, allowing you to resist the distraction of the false facades which people present and act with compassion and understanding. Symbolizes the nourishing radiance and warmth of the sun. Acts as a reminder of the inherent perfection of all things and encourages trust in your part of the process, even and especially when the bigger picture is difficult to comprehend. Supports overall health of all systems of the body, and can be used specially for reduction of fevers and inflammation, treating bronchitis and lung disorders, and supporting those suffering from and working to heal infectious diseases.