Birthstone - Taurus and Cancer 

  • Carries frequencies of unconditional love and gentleness
  • Facilitates deep heart healing on the physical, emotional & spiritual planes
  • Releases stress, doubt and anxiety
  • Has the capacity to influence spiritual transformation through the power of love

Unconditional Love, Emotional Release

Balances the Heart Chakra. Reduces all aggravating or aggressive conditions. Increases your sense of self worth and helps you to appreciate the beauty all around you. Neutralizes damage caused by poor self image and the build up of emotional stress, both of which can prevent effective healing. Placed close to the heart, releases stress and trauma rapidly. The stone of relationships, with the self and with others, allowing you to first love, trust and value yourself, so that you can freely offer and receive love to and from the world around you. A stone of infinite peace and unconditional love, it purifies and opens your heart, allowing true forgiveness. If you have loved and lost, it heals the grief, helping you to accept necessary change. Extremely effective in drawing new love to you and promotes truth and harmony in existing relationships. A powerful physical healer for the heart, lungs and circulatory system, removing impurities from the blood and bodily fluids.