RUBY - Al2O3

Birthstone - Cancer & Leo - July

  • Ruby is the most sensual of all the stones
  • Often considered an aphrodisiac, heightening pre-existing relationships and attracting new ones
  • An energizing stone, helping those who wear or carry it to feel awake and alive

Nurturing, Illuminating

Ruby balances the heart chakra. It ignites a light within you, illuminating the darkness on all levels and offering a direct connection with your heart’s wisdom and values. Stimulates love & nurturing energy and discourages violence and discord. An excellent stone for using in mediation or resolving disputes, encouraging gentleness and promoting mental concentration and the application of spiritual guidance. A strongly protective stone, providing a shield from psychic attack and the energy of gossip. Assists you in resisting the idea of victimhood, encouraging confidence and joy. Protects against unhappiness and upsetting dreams, brings lucid dreaming and encourages you to follow your bliss in the waking world. Provides a strong creative energy, inspiring you to make the changes your heart is longing for in order to live in a happy state of appreciation for the gift of life. Treats fevers and disorders related to blood flow through the heart. Assists in detoxification and softens the effects of caffeine, counterbalancing the effects of stimulants. Promotes healthy growth and development in utero.