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A Guide to Ammonite: Meaning, Properties and Everyday Uses

Écrit par : Jessica Kramer



Temps de lecture 8 min


Introduction to Ammonite

Ammonites are a group of extinct marine mollusk animals that lived during the Mesozoic era. Often recognized by their spiral, coiled shells, ammonites were widespread in ancient oceans around the world for nearly 350 million years until their extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period. 

Ammonites are considered index fossils, meaning they are excellent indicators of specific geological time periods. The rapid evolution of ammonite shells makes it possible to determine the relative age of sedimentary rock layers in which they are found. Based on the shell shape, size, and features, paleontologists can pinpoint when that ammonite lived.

Beyond their significance to geology and paleontology, ammonites have an enduring mystique. Their beautiful shells have been admired and collected since ancient times. Ammonites are known as symbols of creativity, intuition, fertility, and rebirth across different cultures. Indigenous peoples believed ammonites held protective powers and incorporated them into rituals and ceremonies. Today, ammonites continue to inspire artists, jewelry makers, and those who appreciate their aesthetic appeal and cosmic symbolism.

Physical Properties

Ammonites are prized for their beautiful fossilized shells, which display a stunning iridescence and intricate, chambered structure. Their shells are composed of aragonite, a crystalline form of calcium carbonate, and have a hardness of 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale. 

Ammonites exhibit a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from metallic bronzes and brassy golds to emerald greens and deep violets. These colors are created by the refraction of light through the superimposed aragonite crystals in the shell. The iridescence often intensifies near the center, taking on a rainbow-like brilliance. 

The shell itself is generally coiled in a flat, spiral shape known as a planispiral. It is partitioned into chambers by complex, fractal-patterned sutures that follow logarithmic spirals. Uncoiled, the entire shell resembles a long cone. The suture lines create a lace-like framework of ribs and lobes along the surface.

This geometric architecture gives ammonite shells an intricate, almost otherworldly beauty. Their marvelous designs seem mystical, serving as windows into deep mathematical insight and the natural world's creative powers. Ammonite fossils are prized Possessions in any mineral collection.

Ammonite fossil

Metaphysical Meaning

Ammonites have been revered for their powerful symbolic meaning since ancient times. To the Egyptians, they represented life, creativity, and the cyclical nature of existence. The spiral shape echoes the mythical Ouroboros serpent eating its own tail, symbolizing infinity, spiritual enlightenment, and rebirth. 

These fossilized cephalopods are strongly connected to intuition, inner wisdom, and unlocking one's creative potential. Their whorl patterns are thought to hold protective energies that provide insight into the interconnectedness of all things. Ammonite is known as a 'visionary stone' that opens the third eye and higher crown chakras, facilitating communication with spiritual guides.

This mystical fossil stone has an affinity with the element of water and is linked to moon energy. It is thought to promote fluidity, emotional harmony, and flow in one's life. Ammonite's association with snakes and serpents also connects it to transformation, healing, and the cycles of death and rebirth

Across cultures, ammonites symbolize exploring the mysteries of existence, attuning with the rhythms of nature, and developing one's innate spiritual gifts. Their inherent power is that of propelling personal and collective evolution through deep contemplation.

Emotional Healing Properties

Ammonites are known for their soothing, calming energy that can help restore emotional balance and inner peace. Here are some of the key benefits of ammonites for emotional health:

  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress: The stabilizing energy of ammonites is perfect for alleviating anxiety, worry, and racing thoughts. It helps calm the mind and body, releasing nervous tension and enabling relaxation. 
  • Eases Grief and Sadness: During times of grief, sorrow or loss, ammonites can encourage the free flow of emotions and bring comforting warmth to the heart. It allows one to process and release pain so that peace may return.
  • Boosts Mood and Outlook: The uplifting vibration of ammonites can gently lift the spirit when you're feeling low or depressed. It sparks optimism and hope, increasing motivation and zest for life.
  • Promotes Emotional Expression: By activating the heart chakra, ammonites unlock suppressed emotions and encourage healthy expression. They teach that acknowledging our feelings is essential for wholeness and integration.
  • Relieves Stress and Overwhelm: When responsibilities become burdensome, ammonites relieve mental exhaustion and rejuvenate the mind. They enable one to establish priorities, focus energy and manage life's demands.

With its nurturing energy, the ammonite stone supports emotional healing on many levels. Working with it regularly develops inner strength, harmony and emotional intelligence within.

Ammonite ancient fossil

Physical Healing

Ammonites are thought to aid healing on a physical level in several ways:

  • Alleviating headaches and migraines. Place an ammonite on your forehead or temples to help soothe tension and relieve pain. The gentle yet powerful energy is said to ease migraines.
  • Boosting immune function. Holding an ammonite may stimulate and strengthen the immune system, helping to ward off illnesses.
  • Aiding organ function. Lay an ammonite on areas of the body corresponding to specific organs to energize and support optimal functioning. It's believed to be beneficial for the heart, liver, and lungs. 
  • Improving circulation. The iron content in ammonites makes them helpful for circulatory issues. Placing one near locations of poor circulation, such as hands and feet, may boost blood flow.
  • Easing muscle aches and pain. Use ammonites as massage tools over sore muscles and joints. Their energy is thought to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and speed healing.
  • Promoting cellular health. Ammonite's vitality is believed to energize cells throughout the body, encouraging healing and regeneration down to the cellular level.
  • Alleviating skin conditions. Laying an ammonite gently on affected areas of skin may help certain rashes, blemishes, and irritations fade more quickly.
  • Accelerating healing. Having ammonites nearby is thought to speed the healing process from illnesses, injuries, and medical procedures. Their supportive energy aids recuperation.

Incorporating ammonites into your daily routine is believed to nurture physical well-being in numerous ways. Their soothing yet revitalizing properties make them an excellent healing ally.

Meditation and Energy

Ammonite is an excellent tool for meditation, helping to facilitate a deeper, calmer state of being. Its gently whorled, spiral shape emits a steady, centering energy that promotes mental focus and inner awareness. 

When meditating with ammonite, hold the stone in your hands and allow its vitalizing vibrations to flow into your body. Focus on your breathing as you gaze softly into the spirals, visualizing a journey into your innermost self. Ammonite helps clear the mind of distracting thoughts and provides a sense of grounding and stability. Its earthy energy anchors you firmly in the present moment.

During meditation, ammonite also amplifies intuition and inner guidance. Its subtle yet powerful vibrations open the third eye and crown chakras, enhancing psychic abilities and access to higher states of consciousness. Many crystal healers recommend ammonite to stimulate visions and astral projection.

To harness ammonite's grounding and energizing properties throughout the day, place it on your desk or in areas where you work and study. Allow its steadying influence to promote concentration, productivity and creative flow. You can also carry it in your pocket for an ongoing connection to its stabilizing and uplifting energies.

Raw ammonite

Amulets and Jewelry

The distinctive shape and natural beauty of ammonites make them ideal for unique jewelry pieces and amulets. Wearing ammonite can be a powerful way to keep its healing energies close throughout the day. 

  • An ammonite pendant makes a meaningful necklace. Set in sterling silver or gold, the fossil stands out with simple, complementary accents.
  • Bracelets and rings also highlight the ammonite's form. Pair with crystals like amethyst or tourmaline for additional metaphysical benefits. 
  • For earrings, simple wire-wrapped or bezel-set ammonite drops have an organic elegance. Small ammonite cabochons also work well.
  • Ammonite is lovely on its own or enhanced by gemstones and sacred symbols. Try combining with spirals, waves, stars, or Celtic designs that resonate with its energy.
  • Some carry ammonite halves or wholes in a medicine bag or pouch as a portable amulet. Keep it in a pocket or purse for ongoing protection and grounding.

Home Decor

Ammonite's captivating spiral shape and rainbow sheen make it a beautiful decorative element for any home. Displaying it in places where you spend a lot of time allows you to fully absorb its uplifting energy and protective qualities. 

Here are some creative ways to showcase this stone around your home:

  • Place ammonite specimens or carved bowls on shelves, mantles, tabletops, windowsills or desks. Position them so the light catches the iridescence. 
  • Hang ammonite mobiles or wind chimes near doors or windows. Let the breeze activate the fossil's energy.
  • Add ammonite accents like bookends, paperweights, coasters or boxes to desks, nightstands, coffee tables, etc.
  • Incorporate on tiles, mirrors or vases into bathrooms for a soothing, spa-like atmosphere.
  • String polished ammonite beads into a dreamcatcher or macrame wall hanging above your bed.
  • Scatter small stones or crystals around houseplants to nourish and vitalize the greenery.

To amplify its energy at home:

  • Cleanse the fossil regularly by smudging, sound, sunlight or water. This clears stagnant energy.
  • Place it near sources of light to illuminate its rainbow sheen.
  • Set a large piece in the center of a room to broadcast its vibration. 
  • Combine it with other minerals like quartz, amethyst or celestite to create an energy grid.
  • Sleep with a small crystal under your pillow or by your bed for protection.
  • Meditate with it in your hands to channel its ancient wisdom.

By thoughtfully integrating it into your living space, you can fully harness its aesthetics and healing properties in your daily life.

Cleansing and Care

Ammonites are relatively sturdy stones but still require some basic care and cleansing to keep their energies vibrant. Here are some tips:

  • Cleanse it regularly in cool water without any soaps or chemicals. Let them air dry completely.
  • Recharge their energies by placing in moonlight or burying in earth for a night. You can also use sound (chimes, bells) or breathe your intentions into them. 
  • Avoid submerging in salt water or using harsh acids or cleaners which can damage or fade over time. 
  • Protect them from excess heat and rapid temperature changes which can cause cracking or degeneration. Don't leave in direct sunlight for extended periods.
  • Gently dust with a soft brush to remove accumulated environmental debris and oils from handling.
  • When not in use, keep it wrapped in soft fabric or stored in pouches to prevent scratches and fading.
  • Trust your intuition on when it needs cleansing or recharging based on your interactions with it. Notice changes in its energy.
  • Overall, treat it with care and they will retain their natural beauty and spiritual energies for many years. A little regular maintenance goes a long way.


Ammonites are truly remarkable ancient fossils that connect us to the primal lifeforce of our planet. With its trademark spiral shape echoing the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence, the ammonite stone represents the perfection of nature's divine geometry. 

Throughout this guide, we've explored the deep symbolic meaning and healing properties attributed to these spiral fossils of the sea. Ammonites encompass the elements of water, earth, and spirit. Their marine origins evoke our inner creativity while their stony shells offer grounding stability.

As an aid on your spiritual journey, ammonite provides a soothing yet energizing vibration. It brings the higher guidance of intuition into everyday awareness. For relationships, it fosters cooperation, diplomacy, and heart-centered communication. Its energy dispels negative emotions and restores emotional balance.  

These stones retain their potency for channeling positivity with proper cleansing and care. Keep one near as a protective amulet or display as decor to invite more harmony into your home. Work with it to develop your inner wisdom, heal old wounds, and align with your highest potential. Let the spiral medicine of this ancient fossil open new doors in your life.