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Raw shell handmade necklaces and rings made in copper and silver


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SALE Abalone ring | Electroformed ring
SALE Abalone ring | Electroformed ring
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Raw Shell Jewelry Handcrafted from Natural Materials | HAWKHOUSE

Metaphysical properties of Shell:

  • Shell is a stone of protection, nurturing and calm. It absorbs negative energy and helps alleviate stress or anxiety.

  • Shell enhances intuition and helps connect with one's inner wisdom. It is a stone of tranquility that also encourages feelings of peace.

  • Shell stimulates imagination and helps tap into creativity. It enhances mental clarity and focus.

  • Shell is beneficial for throat chakra healing. It helps clear communication and creative expression.

  • Shell has a gentle, calming energy that helps balance emotions. It encourages feelings of comfort, security and inner peace.

Shell FAQ

What is shell?

  • A shell is the hard, protective outer layer of various sea creatures, such as mollusks and crustaceans. It is composed primarily of calcium carbonate.

Is shell a gemstone?

  • Shells are not considered gemstones. They are natural materials from the ocean and are often used decoratively or in jewelry making.

What is the meaning of shell?

  • The meaning of shells can vary across cultures and beliefs. In some contexts, shells are associated with protection, fertility, or the ocean's symbolism.

What are the healing properties of shell?

  • In crystal healing, shells are not typically attributed with specific healing properties like gemstones. However, some people may use shells for their calming and grounding qualities.

How durable is shell jewelry?

  • Shell jewelry is relatively delicate compared to metal or hard gemstone jewelry. Shells can be prone to chipping, scratching, and discoloration over time if not cared for properly.

What colors does shell come in?

  • Shells can come in a wide range of colors, depending on the type of shell and the specific species. They can be white, cream, beige, pink, brown, or have iridescent hues.

Can shell be dyed?

  • Yes, shells can be dyed to enhance their colors or create patterns for decorative purposes in jewelry or crafts.

Is shell expensive?

  • The cost of shell jewelry or decorative items can vary widely depending on factors such as size, rarity, and craftsmanship. In general, shell items tend to be more affordable than precious gemstones.

Where does shell come from?

  • Shells come from various sources, primarily from marine environments, where mollusks, like clams and oysters, and crustaceans, like snails and lobsters, create them.

How can I tell if shell is real or fake?

  • Authentic shells have unique textures and patterns that are difficult to replicate perfectly. Genuine shells are typically cooler to the touch than plastic imitations. Also, inspecting the edges for signs of plastic molding can help differentiate real shells from fake ones.