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A Guide to Pink Tourmaline: Meaning, Properties and Everyday Uses

Écrit par : Jessica Kramer



Temps de lecture 6 min

Pink Tourmaline cystals

Introduction to Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is a rare and valuable gemstone beloved for its unique color and healing properties. Known as the "stone of love" and "healing stone", tourmaline has been revered since ancient times, but pink tourmaline is especially prized for its rarity, deep hue, and powerful energy. 

Most pink tourmaline comes from lithium-rich pegmatites, formed by the crystallization of magma. Trace elements like manganese and iron lend tourmaline its vivid colors. Of all tourmaline varieties, pink is the rarest and most valuable. Unlike other colored tourmaline which may be pale or washed out, fine pink tourmaline exhibits a rich, saturated hue ranging from light pastel to deep fuschia. 

Pink tourmaline forms in both the elbaite and liddicoatite tourmaline groups. Fine pink tourmaline over 5 carats can fetch up to $10,000 per carat. Lower quality pink tourmaline may be worth only a few hundred dollars per carat. The most prized pink tourmaline has a pure, intense pink color without any brownish secondary hues. Pink tourmaline's beauty and metaphysical properties make it one of the most treasured tourmaline varieties.

Physical Properties

Pink tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral with the chemical formula (Ca,Na,K,□)Mg3Al6(BO3)3(Si6O18)(OH)4, where □ represents a vacancy. Its Mohs hardness scale rating is 7 to 7.5, making it a durable gemstone suitable for jewelry.  

Tourmaline crystals have a trigonal crystal structure and often form in long prismatic crystals with vertical striations. The pink color in tourmaline is caused by trace amounts of manganese. Pink tourmaline can display different optical properties based on light reflection:

  • Cat's eye effect with chatoyancy 
  • Asterism in the form of a six-rayed star
  • Schiller effect with iridescent shimmer 

Some pink tourmaline stones exhibit pleochroism, displaying different colors when viewed along the optic axis. The refractive index of tourmaline is 1.62 to 1.67.

Unpolished Pink Tourmaline

Meaning and Symbolism

Pink tourmaline is associated with the heart chakra and represents love, compassion, and emotional healing. This stone has long been revered for its ability to inspire creativity and imagination, earning it the nickname "the stone of the muse." 

In crystal healing traditions, pink tourmaline is believed to help restore trust and encourage emotional expression after loss or trauma. Its gentle vibrations resonate with the energetics of the heart, making it ideal for anyone going through heartbreak or seeking greater self-love.

Legends say the vibrant pink color of this crystal arose from tourmaline traveling over a rainbow and absorbing its magical hues. Others believe its rosy glow reflects the nourishing energies of Mother Earth. Either way, pink tourmaline radiates gentle, compassionate energy that evokes the spirit of human warmth and connection.

Wearing or carrying pink tourmaline can help open your heart to give and receive love freely. Placing it near your bed is thought to invite soothing dreams and protect against nightmares. Some meditate with pink tourmaline to cultivate empathy and find inner peace. However you choose to experience it, this crystal lives up to its reputation as a catalyst for boundless love and creativity.

Healing Properties

Pink tourmaline is revered for its ability to promote emotional healing and balance. The soothing pink rays are said to radiate the energy of self-love, alleviating feelings of anxiety, depression and unworthiness. 

  • Promotes emotional balance and self-love. The gentle pink hues resonate with the heart chakra, the center of love and compassion. Wearing or carrying pink tourmaline can help restore a sense of wholeness and self-acceptance.
  • Alleviates stress and anxiety. The calming energy of pink tourmaline is believed to ease anxious thoughts and feelings of panic. Placing a piece under your pillow or holding it during meditation can promote relaxation. 
  • Boosts mood and promotes positive thinking. Pink tourmaline emits joyful vibrations that uplift the spirit. Keeping the stone close fills you with optimism to see the bright side of any situation. It's a great ally during tough times.

Uses in Jewelry

Pink tourmaline is a popular gemstone used in all types of jewelry including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Its vibrant pink hues pair beautifully with precious metals like yellow or rose gold. 

  • Pink tourmaline is often used as the centerpiece in rings, showing off the stone's brilliance. Solitaire tourmaline rings are a classic choice.
  • Necklaces displaying large pink tourmaline pendants make stunning statements. The stone's saturated color pops against the skin.
  • Tennis bracelets and charm bracelets commonly incorporate pink tourmaline accents. The stones add feminine flair to the designs.
  • For earrings, pink tourmaline studs and drops are timeless options. The dangling earrings showcase the gem's radiance.
  • Many designers mix pink tourmaline with diamonds or other white stones like pearl. This creates an eye-catching contrast.
raw Pink Tourmaline

Self-Care Practices

Pink tourmaline is a wonderful stone to incorporate into self-care rituals. Here are some recommended uses:

  • Place on body during meditation - Lay a tumbled stone on your heart or third eye chakra to promote inner peace and intuition during meditation. The stone's high vibration fosters greater mindfulness and awareness.
  • Use as massage wand to release tension - Lightly glide a pink tourmaline crystal wand over areas of muscle tension to help relax and unwind. The soothing energy can melt away stress. 
  • Keep by bedside for peaceful sleep - Having pink tourmaline nearby acts like a safety blanket, promoting restful sleep undisturbed by stress or anxiety. Keep a stone under your pillow or on your nightstand. Its calming energy radiates while you sleep.

Protection & Cleansing Properties

Pink tourmaline is known for its ability to cleanse negative energy. The stone can protect against environmental pollutants and electromagnetic radiation. Its energy acts like a shield, making it a great amulet for protection.  

Some ways to cleanse and recharge pink tourmaline:

  • Bury it in the earth overnight to discharge any accumulated negativity. The earth's energy will renew it.
  • Wash it under cool running water to rinse away impurities. Visualize the water carrying away any dense or dark energy.
  • Place it in direct sunlight or moonlight. The light will infuse it with revitalizing energy. 
  • Burn sage or palo santo and pass the stone through the smoke. This smudging process purifies and realigns its vibration.
  • Place with crystal clusters like quartz or amethyst. Their high vibration will raise pink tourmaline's frequency.

Regular cleansing keeps pink tourmaline operating at full strength. Follow your intuition on when it needs cleansing based on use. With proper care, it will continue providing exceptional protective energies.

Pink Tourmaline crystals

Purchasing and Caring For

When looking to add pink tourmaline to your crystal collection, be sure to purchase from a reputable seller that provides fair pricing and accurate information on the stone's properties. It's important to research sellers to ensure the tourmaline is natural and not treated or irradiated. 

Once you acquire a pink tourmaline specimen, proper storage and care will help preserve its energetic properties. Store the stone carefully in a fabric-lined box or pouch to prevent scratches. Keep away from other crystals that could transfer negativity.  

Gently cleanse pink tourmaline every few weeks under running water with a mild soap and soft brush. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners that could damage the surface. Take care to completely dry the stone after washing. With proper care, your pink tourmaline will retain its natural beauty and supportive energy for many years.


Pink tourmaline is a gemstone renowned for its gentle vibration of unconditional love and heart-centered energy. This article covered its key properties and explored its versatile metaphysical applications for healing, protection and self-transformation. 

Known as the stone of compassion and empathy, pink tourmaline lives up to its reputation. Its soothing pink rays evoke feelings of tenderness, comfort and inner peace. At the same time, it enhances one's capacity for unconditional love, instilling an open heart and mind.

With its ability to activate the heart chakra, pink tourmaline helps harmonize relationships and cultivate self-love. It also promotes emotional healing, dispels anxiety and negativity, and supports spiritual growth. Through its grounding and stabilizing qualities, the stone anchors higher vibrations into the physical body and environment.

In crystal healing, tourmaline is valued for strengthening organs, nerves and immune health. It also aids with metabolism, fertility and detoxification. As a protective amulet, it shields against destructive energy and bad luck. Routinely cleansing and recharging the stone ensures its vibrational potency.

The soothing hue and healing properties of pink tourmaline make it ideal for jewelry, home decor, accessories and self-care rituals. By incorporating this marvelous mineral into one's lifestyle, its transformative potential can be fully realized. Tourmaline invites one to open their heart, speak their truth, and radiate divine light.