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    Hawkhouse is excited to launch a brand ambassador program to help grow and distinguish our raw mineral jewelry. We have amazing people making, shipping, and wearing Hawkhouse every day. As a Hawkhouse Ambassador, you can help connect our exquisite, ethically sourced raw mineral jewelry with stylish people all over the world.

    As a Hawkhouse Ambassador you will receive discounts or products in exchange for sharing your awesome experiences via social media. Simply fill out the application below and we will contact you in 3-8 weeks, depending where we are in our monthly application cycle. We can’t accept everyone, so if you aren’t chosen for the launch of our brand ambassador program, we encourage you to try again in the future!
    It's pretty important that link to social media, or a blog.  We need to get an idea of your aesthetic, dedication to your calling and vibe.  xox
    Name *
    What's your daydream/dayjob? Where do you live? What do you value? What would make you a great ambassador for Hawkhouse?
    If yes, what? How does it make you feel? If no, what's stopped you and what would be your first purchase?