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The Beggining

HAWKHOUSE started when Jessica Kramer's affection for the earth & a lifetime of mineral collecting intersected with a long winter on an island and a love affair. Jessica, finally staying in one place after traveling the world for a decade, began creating the magic that is HAWKHOUSE. Martin, the object of her affections is now an integral part of operations and they still make a dreamy team...

We use a process called electroforming to create each HAWKHOUSE piece.

Each ring that we make is hand coiled. We have coiled 10's of thousands of rings...

We use rectifiers to control the current of electricity to deposit the perfect amount of copper.

Each piece is blackened and buffed it to give it it’s enchanted finish.

Studio Life

We make everything from start to finish on the little island of Marthas Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts. We use recycled and compostible packaging, boxes and mailers. HAWKHOUSE jewelry is a reminder to take care of the earth.

In 2012, HAWKHOUSE started on (and remains) on Etsy. I do shows and sell wholesale to hundreds of retail locations

I love matching the right stone to the right person, and we can adjust necklace lengths for a mini fee. We are not accepting any custom orders outside of preferences within our line.

Besides my lover, Martin working in operations, we love our dear Allie, who has been working for HAWKHOUSE since at least 2015...

Each order includes scientific and metaphysical information. I use 100% compostable packaging including recycled paper mailers, butternut dyed cotton bags and hand stamped Kraft paper boxes