Gold Citrine ring | Natural citrine ring

$ 77.00
$ 77.00

Gold Citrine ring | Natural citrine ring | Raw citrine crystal jewelry | November Birthstone Ring | Citrine and Gold Ring

A citrine crystal is used as the centerpiece for this 12 gauge gold electroplated ring.

Please note: This is a limited run and pieces are ONLY available while supplies last in the sizes listed in the drop-down menu. No custom sizes or stone specifications are available for our mixed metals rings. These are finished products and cannot be altered.

Each piece is handcrafted in my tiny island studio on Martha's Vineyard. It comes ready for gift giving in hand-stamped, earth conscious packaging.

Birthstone - November
Virgo, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Libra

quartz with a yellow pigmentation due to its Iron content
*Acts as a spiritual compass aiding in recalibration in the face of challenges
*Supports intentions and actions when manifesting one's highest goals
*Opens one to abundance
*Enhances stamina and physical energy by supporting the endocrine system

While we at HAWKHOUSE believe in the vast metaphysical properties of stones and also the power of intention, we cannot legally guarantee that wearing a certain stone will cure, help or solve anything.