HAWKHOUSE Second Chance Club

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HAWKHOUSE’s Seconds Subscription Box – Because we all deserve a second chance 🩶

Welcome to HAWKHOUSE’s exclusive Seconds Subscription Box – a sanctuary for our little weirdo’s that deserve a loving home!

Discover the Unexpected: Each "reject" (Shh, don’t let them know) will be a delightful surprise, tailored to your size and style.

What Makes a Second Special?

  • Copper may have embraced the stone a little too excitedly/much
  • The bubbly nature of electroforming might have gone a little crazy
  • One of a kind rings that never made it to the limelight
  • Stones with natural fractures that don't affect their beauty or integrity
  • Tiny snags (that have been meticulously filed)
  • Quirky stones that sit in their own whimsical way (These can be great for stacking!)
  • General weirdo’s

How Does It Work?

  • Subscribe to this listing
  • Provide your ring size(s), color preferences, and style inclinations at checkout
  • Receive a surprise ring in your size on the 2nd of every month!
  • Continue receiving delightful surprise rings month after month
  • Become a master ring stacker
  • Be gift ready for any of your friends Birthdays
  • Please Note:
  • Regrettably, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges for any reason
  • If you wear a larger size (9+), kindly consider providing alternate sizes to accommodate inventory limitations
  • Order by the 28th of each month to receive your subscription for the upcoming cycle. Ex. If you order on April 29th, your first subscription will be sent out on June 2nd as you have missed the May deadline of April 28th

This Subscription Box is Exclusively for Retail Customers

Join us in embracing the unexpected and giving a warm welcome to our creative little weirdos! Subscribe now and start stacking.