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A Guide to Bicolor Tourmaline: Meaning, Properties and Everyday Uses

Written by: Jessica Kramer



Time to read 10 min

Bicolor Tourmaline crystals


Bicolor tourmaline is a fascinating semi-precious gemstone revered for its unique optical properties and long history of spiritual veneration. As its name implies, this stunning mineral displays two distinct colors in a single stone. The signature feature of bicolor tourmaline is dichroism, the ability to showcase different colors when viewed from different angles. This special phenomenon arises from the crystal structure which allows the absorption and transmission of light rays along different pathways. 

Bicolor tourmaline belongs to the larger tourmaline group, but stands apart for its dual-colored appearance which has captivated jewelers and collectors for centuries. The most prized and valuable type is the red-green variety also known as rubellite, where the dichroic effect produces alluring blends of rich ruby red and verdant green. Other popular combinations include blue-pink, yellow-green, and colorless-green. While no two bicolor tourmaline stones have the exact same blend, each one delights the eye with its unique splendor.

Beyond dazzling beauty, bicolor tourmaline holds profound meaning as a talisman of protection, harmony and spiritual wisdom across many cultures. Chinese legends speak of tourmaline glowing with a magical rainbow of colors as it journeyed along a rainbow from the center of the earth. The stone's metaphysical allure has only intensified through the ages, as we continue uncovering the energetic powers hidden within its sublime depths.

Meaning and Symbolism

Bicolor tourmaline has been treasured since ancient times for its striking beauty and mystical properties. In crystal healing lore, the stone is strongly connected to themes of wisdom, balance, and spiritual growth.

The mix of pink and green in bicolor tourmaline is thought to represent the merging of the heart and mind. It encourages one to make decisions with both compassion and logic. Some believe the changing colors in the crystal symbolize the highs and lows of life and the importance of viewing experiences from multiple perspectives.

Many cultures have revered bicolor tourmaline over the centuries. In ancient China, the stone was believed to attract prosperity and abundance when placed in the home or workplace. The indigenous tribes of North America considered the crystal to be sacred, believing it helped bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms.

In mystical traditions, bicolor tourmaline is seen as an aid on one's journey toward enlightenment and self-realization. It resonates with the higher chakras, helping to foster intuition, creativity, and connection to one's inner truth. Meditating with the stone is believed by some to grant clearer insight and reception of divine guidance.

With its union of contrasting hues, bicolor tourmaline represents the harmony that can emerge when opposing forces are brought together with wisdom and compassion. It serves as a reminder to embrace and integrate all aspects of oneself.

Bicolor Tourmaline crystal

Healing Properties

Bicolor tourmaline is highly regarded for its potent healing properties, both physically and emotionally. Here are some of the ways this remarkable crystal can benefit wellbeing:

Physical Healing

  • Eases muscle tension and skeletal pain - the piezoelectric quality of tourmaline generates small electrical charges that may stimulate circulation and relieve aches.
  • Boosts immune system - its electromagnetic energy is believed to strengthen immune response.
  • Detoxifies the liver and kidneys - helps flush out toxins and rejuvenate vital organs.
  • Alleviates respiratory issues - clears and opens airways by reducing inflammation. 
  • Improves skin health - eliminates skin impurities and heals inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Regulates hormones - balances endocrine system and thyroid function.

Emotional Healing 

  • Inspires self-love - encourages acceptance and appreciation of oneself.
  • Dispels negative thoughts - replaces pessimism with positive thinking.
  • Boosts compassion - opens the heart to increase caring, empathy and understanding.
  • Reduces anxiety and depression - calms the mind and lifts the mood.
  • Enhances communication - expresses thoughts and feelings clearly.
  • Promotes emotional resilience - develops ability to recover from trauma and stress.

There is some scientific evidence that tourmaline may have effects such as generating electrical charges in the body, reducing inflammation, and influencing cell regeneration. However, many of the metaphysical healing properties ascribed to bicolor tourmaline have not been empirically proven and may rely more on traditional beliefs.

Everyday Uses of Bicolor Tourmaline

Bicolor tourmaline is equally valued and utilized for its physical beauty and metaphysical properties. Its mesmerizing array of colors makes it a favorite for jewelry design, while its energetic properties support meditation, energy work, and space clearing. Explore some suggested ways to harness bicolor tourmaline's gifts:


  • Pendants - Wear or carry a bicolor tourmaline pendant over the heart chakra for emotional healing, self-acceptance, and inner peace. The stone's shifting hues can be gazed upon during meditation.
  • Rings - Bicolor tourmaline rings are ideal for amplifying intentions and desires. Wear on the left hand to enhance receptivity or on the right for active manifestation. The dual colors aid in balancing yin-yang energies. 
  • Bracelets - Wrapping the wrist with a bicolor tourmaline bracelet promotes flexibility, harmony between opposite forces, and free-flowing chi. Stack with other crystal bracelets to combine and amplify their energies.
  • Earrings - Bicolor tourmaline earrings support clear communication, expressiveness, and mental flexibility when worn near the throat and third eye chakras. Their vibrant hues also uplift mood and outlook.

Meditation and Energy Work

  • Place bicolor tourmaline in the environment or hold a tumbled stone during meditation to sharpen focus, release negativity, and stimulate intuition. 
  • Use bicolor tourmaline with chakra healing to activate and align the energy centers of the body. Its dual colors are perfectly suited for crown and third eye chakra work.
  • Energy healers can incorporate bicolor tourmaline over areas of imbalance to restore harmony and flow. It is an excellent healing stone for body, mind and spirit.

Feng Shui and Space Clearing

  • Include bicolor tourmaline in the center of a home to promote balance, unite masculine and feminine energies, and foster harmony within relationships.
  • Place bicolor tourmaline in the north area of a space to enhance wisdom, perception, and connection to inner truth. It stimulates clear thinking.
  • For space clearing, hold a bicolor tourmaline pendant or wand over areas stagnant with negative energy and visualize its colors sweeping away density. It restores vibrant chi.
raw Bicolor Tourmaline

Protection and Cleansing 

Bicolor tourmaline is known for its ability to guard against negative energies and entities. Its dual-colored nature represents the balance of light and dark, making it a powerful stone for protection.

Some key ways bicolor tourmaline protects us include:

  • Shielding against electromagnetic pollution from cell phones, wifi, and other devices
  • Blocking psychic attack, ill wishes from others, and harmful intention
  • Cleansing auric fields of built-up negativity and dense energies
  • Repelling envious thoughts and the evil eye
  • Banishing bad spirits, ghosts, and demonic presences from people and places

Regular cleansing keeps bicolor tourmaline strong in its protective powers. There are a few effective methods to clear accumulated vibrations:

  • Sea salt bath - Let the stone soak overnight in sea salt dissolved in water. Rinse well in the morning.
  • Smudging - Pass the stone through the smoke of burning sage, palo santo, or other herbs.
  • Moonlight - Leave out overnight under the light of the full moon. The phases have a cleansing effect.
  • Burial - Bury in the soil for 24 hours to refresh its energies.
  • Sound bath - Place near singing bowls or instruments like bells and allow the tones to clear stagnant vibrations.

After cleansing, recharging can amplify bicolor tourmaline's protective properties. Some ways to charge it include:

  • Sunlight - Allow it to sit in the bright sun for a period of time. The sun's rays will revitalize it.
  • Quartz crystal - Pair with clear quartz, which is a master healer and energizer.
  • Meditation - Hold the stone during meditation to infuse it with positive intentions.
  • Aura clearing - Scan your own aura then pass the stone through it to refresh its shielding capacity. 

Proper care extends bicolor tourmaline's effectiveness. Keeping the stone away from extreme temperature, scratching, chemicals, and other stones is recommended. Storing in soft cloth or mineral wrapping helps maintain its vibration. With mindful treatment, bicolor tourmaline will continue providing potent and reliable protection.

Where to Buy Bicolor Tourmaline

When looking to purchase bicolor tourmaline, it's important to source the stone from a reputable seller. As with any precious gem, there are risks of fakes or synthetics being passed off as natural. Here are some tips for finding authentic bicolor tourmaline:

  • Natural bicolor tourmaline will show distinct color zoning under magnification. Fakes can appear more uniform.
  • Expect some natural inclusions in genuine stones. Flawless clarity could indicate a synthetic.
  • Compare pricing from multiple sellers. If a deal seems too good to be true, it often is. 
  • Larger gem-quality pieces with dramatic color contrasts command higher premiums. 
  • Well-cut cushion, emerald or oval shapes tend to maximize bicolor flash.
  • Provenance from original mine locations like Brazil or Mozambique can influence price.

With care and diligence, you can source a truly stunning bicolor tourmaline you'll treasure for a lifetime. Developing a relationship with a trusted gemologist is the best way to buy with confidence.

Comparison to Other Stones

Bicolor tourmaline stands apart from other similar crystals like tourmalated quartz in a few key ways. While tourmalated quartz contains black tourmaline inclusions, bicolor tourmaline naturally forms with distinct color zones in the same stone. The combination of pink and green within bicolor tourmaline provides a balance of heart-opening and grounding energies. 

Compared to other popular healing stones, bicolor tourmaline offers unique benefits:

  • Promotes emotional balance and inner wisdom better than rose quartz
  • Enhances creativity and imagination more than amethyst  
  • Inspires confidence and decisiveness unlike labradorite
  • Provides stronger cleansing and protection than black tourmaline
  • Boosts compassion and empathy beyond rhodochrosite 

The dual-colored zones allow bicolor tourmaline to stimulate both the heart and mind simultaneously. Its ability to harmonize logical thinking and emotional intelligence makes it more versatile than other crystals focused on just one area. For those seeking both spiritual growth and mental clarity, bicolor tourmaline's synergistic energies outperform single-color stones.

Caring for Bicolor Tourmaline

Bicolor tourmaline is a relatively durable stone, but it still requires some care and maintenance to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips for properly caring for your bicolor tourmaline:


  • Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to gently clean the stone. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners. 
  • Rinse thoroughly after cleaning to remove any soapy residue.
  • Dry completely with a soft, lint-free cloth.


  • Keep bicolor tourmaline away from other harder gemstones or metals that could scratch it. Store in a dedicated fabric-lined compartment or box.
  • Avoid exposing bicolor tourmaline to high heat or rapid temperature changes.
  • Don't allow the stone to get wet when not in use. Store in a dry place.


  • Display bicolor tourmaline in indirect natural or soft artificial light to preserve its color vibrancy. 
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, which can cause fading over time. 
  • Place on a soft surface like silk, velvet or leather to prevent scratching.


  • Protect bicolor tourmaline from sharp blows, pressure, or abrasion that could chip or fracture it.
  • Remove bicolor tourmaline jewelry before physical activities and keep in a safe place.
  • Consider having a jeweler do periodic inspections and re-tip prongs as needed.

By providing proper ongoing care, your bicolor tourmaline will maintain its stunning dual colors and exquisite brilliance for many years to come.

Bicolor Tourmaline crystal stone

Famous Historical Examples 

Bicolor tourmaline has a rich history of being prized and collected by royalty, spiritual leaders, and gem aficionados over the centuries. Its beauty and mystique have captivated people across many cultures.

Some of the most exquisite and renowned examples of the stone can be found gracing the collections of prestigious museums around the world. The Smithsonian Museum has an extraordinary 337-carat gemstone known as the "Rainbow". Discovered in the early 20th century in Maine, it exhibits every color of the spectrum in oval concentric rings. 

The Russian Crown Jewels contain historic tourmalines gifted by elite members of society. A stunning 96-carat emerald-green tourmaline from Alexander II has been passed down through generations of the Romanov family.

Many noteworthy figures have been known to favor tourmaline. The imperial family of China treasured an impressive carved tourmaline scepter. Pope Urban VIII had a large pink tourmaline intaglio ring used to stamp decrees. Queen Victoria received an exquisite parure set from the Maharaja of Kapurthala featuring rose-cut bicolor tourmalines.  

Carved tourmalines have existed since ancient times. A 2nd century Han Dynasty Chinese carving depicts a coiled dragon, while Egyptian carvings represented protective scarabs. A whimsical carving owned by Empress Josephine depicts two fish swimming together, delicately carved from a single stone. These exceptional gems provide a window into the way this mystical mineral has been cherished over the centuries.


Bicolor tourmaline is truly a remarkable stone that deserves a place in every crystal collector's toolkit. With its stunning mix of pink and green, it embodies the perfect marriage of heart and nature. This rare and valuable stone has been prized since ancient times for its versatile healing properties and mystical symbolism. 

Throughout this guide, we explored bicolor tourmaline's unique makeup and unearthed its origins. We also discussed its long history as a talisman of luck, intuition, and spiritual balance. In terms of crystal healing, bicolor tourmaline is renowned for enhancing vitality, emotional health, and creativity. It provides a shield against environmental pollutants and electromagnetic stress.

When working with bicolor tourmaline, take care to cleanse it regularly in dry sea salt or incense smoke. Charge it frequently under sunlight to empower its energetic field. Meditate with it to gain insights and make decisions from the heart. Wear or carry it draw love, success, and abundance. Place it in your home or office to neutralize negativity and encourage growth.  

In closing, if you feel drawn to this exceptional stone, open yourself to its potential. Allow its dual pink and green rays to fill you with joy, passion, and purpose. With bicolor tourmaline as an ally, you can manifest your boldest dreams, discover your deepest truths, and explore the full spectrum of your spiritual gifts. May your journey with it be one of blessing, expansion, and self-discovery.