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A Guide to Chlorite: Meaning, Properties and Everyday Uses

Written by: Jessica Kramer



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chlorite crystal


Chlorite included quartz is a special variety of quartz crystal containing inclusions of chlorite minerals. It is a powerful healing stone with a gentle but intense energy.

This crystal combines the properties of quartz and chlorite for a unique synergistic effect. Clear quartz is known for its amplifying energies and chlorite brings a strong connection to nature and heart-based healing. Together they create a soothing yet intensely spiritual stone.  

Chlorite inclusions give quartz a soft green hue. These included crystals bridge the mineral and plant kingdoms, promoting spiritual growth, healing and intuition. The energy is purifying and nurturing. It carries a strong feminine vibration, bringing balance and wholeness.

Chlorite included quartz has a tranquil and zen-like quality. It resonates with the heart chakra, radiating divine love and compassion. Meditating with this stone allows deeper access to spiritual guidance and one's inner wisdom. It's cherished for its ability to remove energy blockages and clear the aura. This stones gentle but powerful energy brings about deep transformation and healing.

Meaning and Symbolism

Chlorite included quartz, sometimes called green aventurine quartz or chlorite phantom quartz, has been treasured since ancient times for its beautiful green inclusions and metaphysical properties. 

The name chlorite comes from the Greek word khloros, meaning "green". Ancient civilizations believed green stones represented renewal, growth, and life energy. Green quartz was thought to combine the grounding stability of quartz with the revitalizing energy of chlorite.

Chlorite quartz is associated with nature and considered a spiritual stone. Egyptians buried it with their dead, believing it represented the regenerative powers of the afterlife. Greeks and Romans viewed green quartz as the stone of Gaia, symbolizing the life force of the Earth goddess. 

In Buddhism and Hinduism, chlorite quartz signifies new beginnings and personal growth. It's seen as a stone of transformation that can help us see things from a higher perspective.

Across traditions, the vibrant green phantom inclusions are thought to represent the soul or spirit world reaching into the mineral kingdom. The phantoms symbolize our connection to all living beings and oneness with nature.

Spiritually, chlorite quartz is associated with cleansing the heart and mind, releasing negative attachments, and attuning to the frequency of Mother Earth. It's believed to bring balance, growth, and rejuvenation.

chlorite crystal stone

Healing Properties

Chlorite included quartz is known for its supportive healing properties and connections to the heart chakra. It's said to aid in the following ways:

Physical Healing

  • Boosts physical energy and vitality
  • Stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation 
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Alleviates headaches and muscle tension
  • Aids cellular regeneration and repair

Emotional Healing 

  • Encourages emotional openness and inner harmony
  • Soothes heartache, grief, and sadness
  • Instills feelings of compassion and empathy
  • Inspires forgiveness and self-acceptance
  • Promotes inner peace and contentment

Chakra Connections

  • Resonates strongly with the heart chakra
  • Opens, balances, and energizes the heart chakra
  • Helps release emotional blockages in the heart center
  • Allows fuller expression of love on all levels

Everyday Uses

  • Daily Routine Integration: There are many simple yet powerful ways to integrate chlorite included quartz into your daily routine and living spaces. Place a tumbled stone in your pocket to promote calm and focus throughout the day. Set a larger specimen near your workspace or study area to enhance concentration and mental clarity. Keep one by your bedside to filter negative energy and encourage restful sleep.

  • Healing Sessions: During healing sessions, hold your chlorite included quartz at the energy points you wish to cleanse or balance. Visualize its energy radiating through your whole being. Place it over areas of pain, tension or disease to promote deep healing. Laying on the stone can also create a soothing full-body energy alignment.

  • Meditation: Meditating with chlorite included quartz promotes inner stillness and connection to one's highest consciousness. Hold it during meditation to open your mind to profound insights. Gaze into the crystal during breathwork as a centering focal point to achieve deeper states of awareness. Place it on your third eye to unlock intuition.  

  • Personal Growth: Working with chlorite, including quartz inspires self-reflection, helping you shed unhealthy patterns to align with your best self. Hold a stone during contemplation to gain clarity on your path forward. Harness its energy to break negative cycles and transition into new, enriching directions in life. Allow its vibrations to gently guide your continued expansion.

Protection and Cleansing

Chlorite included quartz is known for its protective qualities and ability to remove negativity. Here are some key ways to utilize it:

  • Acts as a shield against negative energies and psychic attacks. Its purifying energy creates a barrier around you, repelling lower vibrations.
  • Absorbs and neutralizes negative energies. It draws in toxic energies and neutralizes them, preventing their spread. 
  • Cleanses other crystals and sacred spaces. You can place chlorite included quartz with other crystals to cleanse them. It also purifies the energy of rooms.
  • Removes energy blockages. It breaks up stagnant and blocked energies in your energetic field and chakras, promoting a healthy flow.
  • Charges water for purification baths or mists. Leave a tumbled stone in water overnight or make elixirs to amplify its cleansing properties.

To keep chlorite including quartz at peak potency, it's important to regularly cleanse and recharge it. Here are some effective methods:

  • Soak or rinse with salt water to draw out accumulated negativity. Let dry naturally in sunlight.
  • Place with crystal clusters like amethyst or selenite, which transmit purifying energies. 
  • Set outside to be cleansed and recharged by the moonlight. The full moon is especially powerful.
  • Burn cleansing incense like sage or palo santo nearby to remove vibrational debris.
  • Bury in the earth for a few hours to absorb grounding, stabilizing energies.

With proper cleansing care, chlorite included quartz will maintain its protective strength and cleansing capacity. Handle this powerful purifier with respect to harness its full potential.

Choosing Your Stone

When selecting a chlorite included quartz crystal, you'll want to pay attention to color, pattern, and sourcing. This will help you find a stone that resonates with you energetically and ethically. 

Selecting by Color and Pattern

Chlorite included quartz displays beautiful phantoms and designs from the chlorite minerals inside. Look for patterns that appeal to you visually and intuitively. Dark green chlorite often creates striking designs. Mottled mixtures of lighter green, black, and brown chlorite can create landscape scenes or random abstract patterns. 

Choose a stone whose designs speak to you or remind you of natural scenery you find soothing. The patterns may even evoke spiritual imagery. Let your inner guidance lead you to the right crystal.

Choosing Based on Intended Use

Think about how you plan to use chlorite included quartz when selecting your stone. For enhancing meditation, find one with visible designs that can serve as visual focal points. To relieve stress, choose a stone with dark rippling bands suggesting natural waterways. For spiritual protection, select a stone displaying spots reminiscent of eyes or angel wings.  

If using for crystal healing, stones with concentrated chlorite deposits along one side are ideal. Place that side against the body near any areas needing energy balancing.

Sourcing Ethically

It's important to obtain chlorite included quartz from reputable sellers that mine responsibly and treat workers fairly. Support indigenous artisans and local crystal shops when possible. Be wary of low prices that may indicate exploitative labor practices. Seek sellers who can share provenance details to confirm the stones were ethically sourced.

Using Chlorite with Care

When working with chlorite, including quartz, it's important to handle and store it safely. Here are some tips:

  • Use both hands when handling larger pieces to avoid dropping or chipping. Don't apply too much pressure, as the stone can be fragile. 
  • Store in a soft pouch or place on a silk cloth to prevent scratching. Keep away from other hard surfaces and metals.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to bright sunlight, as this can cause fading over time. Place near a bright window instead of direct sun.
  • Take care around water, as moisture can dull the finish and cause corrosion on inclusions. Quickly dry after contact with water or oils from the skin.
  • Don't leave in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Avoid thermal shock by allowing it to adjust to room temperature before use.
  • Handle gently during cleansing to prevent chipping or cracking. Don't use ultrasonic or harsh chemical cleaners.
  • When charging in sunlight, use for short periods and check for excessive warmth in case color fades.

By caring for your chlorite included quartz attentively, you'll be able to safely enjoy its energies for many years. Handle your stone daily to strengthen your connection, but be sure to use proper precautions.

Comparable Stones

Chlorite quartz shares some properties and uses with other healing crystals, but also has distinctive qualities that set it apart. Here is how it compares to some popular alternatives:

  • Amethyst - Both stones are believed to have protective, stabilizing, and calming qualities. Amethyst purples shades also invokes spirituality. However, chlorite quartz has more physical healing attributes and grounding energy. Its earthy green tones connect more with nature and stimulate heart chakra energy.
  • Rose QuartzThese two stones both evoke qualities of love, nurturing, emotional healing, and inner peace. But rose quartz is more focused on matters of the heart and relationships. Chlorite quartz has a wider range of holistic healing uses, especially for physical ailments. 
  • Jade - Both stones emit soothing, nourishing energy and are believed to attract prosperity and abundance. Jade is famously known as a "dream stone" and lucky charm. But chlorite quartz offers more protective qualities and a broader range of healing applications.
  • FluoriteBoth stones stimulate concentration, focus, and mental clarity. They are believed to cleanse negative energy from spaces. However, chlorite quartz is better for overall mind-body balance, while fluorite is more focused on mental acuity and decision-making.

While sharing some traits with other crystals, chlorite quartz has a unique essence and array of holistic uses. Its versatility, earthy energy, and protective qualities make it a top choice for spiritual healing and everyday wellness rituals.


Chlorite included quartz is truly a remarkable stone. Over the course of this article, we've explored its long history of mystical associations, intriguing metaphysical properties, and wide array of holistic healing benefits. 

This stone's ability to absorb negative energy makes it an invaluable cleanser and protector. Placing it in areas of stagnant energy can transform the space and invite positive change. Wearing chlorite included quartz can shield your inner light from unwanted outside influences. 

In addition, this crystal promotes inner growth and transcendence. Its high vibration activates the upper chakras, bringing greater intuition and connection to one's higher purpose. Working with chlorite included quartz unlocks the full potential of your spiritual journey.

The striking inclusion of chlorite in clear quartz creates a motivating visual reminder to overcome challenges and integrate lessons. Its very formation embodies the concept of transformation.

There is always more to discover about the magic and mystery of the mineral realm. Chlorite included quartz exemplifies the hidden gifts that crystals can offer for those who respect their wisdom. May this stone awaken wonder and possibility on your path.




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