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A Guide to Chrysoprase: Meaning, Properties and Everyday Uses

Written by: Jessica Kramer



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green stone chrysoprase


Chrysoprase is a green variety of chalcedony quartz that has been treasured since ancient times. Its name comes from the Greek "chrysos" meaning gold, and "prason" meaning leek, referring to its color.

Chrysoprase is a translucent and apple-green stone with a waxy luster. It forms when nickel is present during the crystallization process, resulting in its unique green coloration. Deposits have been found in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, and the United States.

Its serene color of resonates with the heart chakra, invoking feelings of compassion, kindness, and hope. It has long been valued as a stone of empowerment that connects to the heart, soothing emotional trauma and bringing forth happiness and joy. Its energy promotes openness, forgiveness, and empathy.

Chrysoprase has been popular in jewelry and ornaments since the time of Ancient Greece. It continues to be prized today for its beautiful color, metaphysical properties, and distinctive beauty. With its refreshing energy and sense of renewal, chrysoprase lives up to its reputation as the "stone of the loving heart".


The history of chrysoprase dates back thousands of years. This green gemstone was first discovered and used in ancient Egypt. Chrysoprase beads and other jewelry pieces have been found in Egyptian tombs from as early as 1500 BC.

The ancient Egyptians highly prized chrysoprase for its bright apple-green color. They believed it represented joy and happiness. It was also associated with fertility and new beginnings. The ancient Greeks and Romans shared this affinity for chrysoprase. They continued using it in jewelry and carvings.

By the Middle Ages, chrysoprase became popular throughout Europe. German deposits were heavily mined to supply the demand. Polish chrysoprase was a favorite of Russian czars.

Chrysoprase use dwindled for a few centuries but revived in the 18th century. It remains an appealing gemstone today. The largest deposits are found in Australia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Arizona and California. Chrysoprase continues to captivate with its rich green hues and luminous glow.

Meaning and Symbolism

Chrysoprase has been treasured since antiquity for its vibrant green color and luminous quality. Its name comes from the Greek words for "gold" and "leek," referring to its rich green shades.

This stone has carried strong symbolic meaning across many cultures. In ancient Egypt, chrysoprase was beloved as a stone of joy and happiness. It was used to honor the goddess Isis and represented immortality and eternal youth.

The ancient Greeks and Romans viewed chrysoprase as a stone of wisdom and eloquence. It was the favorite gemstone of Alexander the Great, who used it as a seal for important documents. Greeks wore it when going before the Oracle at Delphi, believing it would ensure only the truth was revealed.

In Buddhism, the stone symbolizes perfection, compassion and openness of the heart to good. It is still considered a sacred stone that facilitates meditation and inner peace.

Across India, chrysoprase has long represented virtues like forgiveness, empathy and emotional balance. It is viewed as a stone that brings acceptance of oneself and of circumstances as they are.

With its bright vivacity and lush color, it continues to epitomize joy, compassion, and openness today. It is the perfect stone for anyone seeking happiness, balance, and serenity.

green stone chrysoprase

Healing Properties

Chrysoprase is a nourishing stone with powerful healing properties. Its gentle green rays affect the heart chakra, providing emotional healing and opening the heart to love.

This is an excellent stone for healing heartache, grief, or anxiety, teaching us how to forgive and see the love within all experiences. The stone promotes personal growth by releasing destructive patterns and cultivating more conscious ways of thinking, speaking, and relating.

By inspiring hope during times of darkness, Chrysoprase helps us move forward into the light. It renews faith in oneself, humanity, and the future. Chrysoprase encourages listening to your inner truth and expressing your gifts with courage and grace.

With its reminder that all life is interconnected, Chrysoprase fosters empathy, kindness, and an awareness of how each person impacts the whole. Its energy brings people together in openness and goodwill.

Physical Healing

Chrysoprase is believed to have powerful healing properties for the physical body. Many believe that chrysoprase helps improve vision and eyesight. It is thought to help alleviate eye strain, night blindness, and other visual disturbances. By activating the heart chakra, chrysoprase may also help balance hormones in both men and women. Some believe it can aid in stimulating balanced testosterone production in men and regulating the menstrual cycle in women.

Chrysoprase is also said to aid in mending broken bones and healing wounds. It was believed in ancient times to draw out fever and detoxify the liver and kidneys. Some crystal healers prescribe it for treating gout, relieving pain from arthritis, and minimizing the effects of Parkinson's disease. Its connection to the heart is thought to strengthen the cardiovascular system, regulate blood pressure, and support recovery from heart-related issues.

Overall, chrysoprase is an excellent stone for physical healing and vitality. Its refreshing green color and heart-opening energy promote health, stamina, and natural healing throughout the body. While definitive scientific evidence is still lacking, chrysoprase remains prized by many for its long-believed physical healing properties.

Emotional Healing

Known for its ability to heal emotional trauma and distress, it encourages forgiveness, the release of negative emotions, and cultivates compassion.

Wearing or meditating with Chrysoprase allows one to view situations more clearly and find the root causes of ongoing emotional pain. Its energy dispels feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger. It brings lightness to the heart and emotional flexibility.

By calming emotional turbulence, Chrysoprase promotes inner peace and wholeness. Its vibration reminds us that true healing comes from within. This stone teaches us to have faith in our inner strength and capability to overcome life's challenges.

Chrysoprase helps release repetitive thoughts or patterns that no longer serve higher purpose. It clears away old emotional wounds and replaces them with hope and optimism for the future. The stone gives courage to open one's heart and learn the deeper spiritual lessons from adversity.

With its loving and accepting nature, Chrysoprase allows one to be vulnerable and surrender to healing. It dissolves feelings of judgment, guilt, and shame, as it invites you to see yourself through the eyes of compassion and recognize the Divine light within.

Chakra Healing

Chrysoprase resonates powerfully with the heart and solar plexus chakras, promoting emotional healing, personal empowerment, and loving consciousness.

  • Heart Chakra: The stone activates and aligns the heart chakra, the center of love, compassion, and spiritual growth. It helps mend heartache, loneliness, and emotional trauma by encouraging forgiveness, trust, and acceptance. Its loving vibration nurtures empathy, draws relationships closer together, and awakens one's capacity for unconditional love.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra: This stone supports the solar plexus chakra, the core of confidence and self-esteem. It brings light and vitality to this energy center, boosting inner strength, personal power, and the courage to pursue dreams. Chrysoprase empowers people to speak and live their truth without fear of judgment. Its vibrant energy inspires self-love, optimism, and belief in one's inherent worth.

Everyday Uses of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase has many practical applications for incorporating its healing properties into daily life. Here are some suggestions:


  • Wearing a chrysoprase pendant or beads can allow its energies to remain close to your body. Place it near your heart chakra for emotional healing or throat chakra for communication.

  • Rings and bracelets keep the stone in constant contact with your skin so its soothing energies can be accessed whenever needed.

  • Earrings can stimulate the chakras aligned with the ears - the throat, third eye and crown chakras.

Home Décor

  • Place the stones or geodes around your home or office to promote a balanced, peaceful environment.

  • Use chrysoprase in feng shui arrangements to invite flow and abundance into your space.

  • Put chrysoprase figurines or small tumbled stones on desks, nightstands, and shelves to make use of its energies.


  • Hold a chrysoprase stone during meditation to open your heart chakra and invite compassion, empathy, and deep healing.

  • Lie down with a chrysoprase stone over your heart, solar plexus or sacral chakra to balance emotions or increase creativity.

  • Use a large chrysoprase stone as a meditation focal point to cultivate inner stillness. Gaze at the mesmerizing green tones as you breathe deeply.

Cleansing and Charging

Chrysoprase is a powerful healing stone that can absorb negative energies and accumulate impurities over time. It's important to regularly cleanse and recharge your Chrysoprase to keep it working at optimal strength. Here are some simple methods:

  • Running Water: Hold your Chrysoprase under cool running water for 1-2 minutes. Visualize the water washing away any built-up negativity.

  • Sunlight: Place your stone in direct sunlight for 4-6 hours. The light will energize and renew its healing vibration. Avoid prolonged exposure to harsh UV rays.

  • Meditation: Hold the Chrysoprase during meditation, visualizing a bright green light filling and renewing the stone. State an intention to clear all impurities and revitalize its energies. Focus on feelings of renewal and positivity.

Regular cleansing keeps Chrysoprase pure, while charging boosts its healing potential. With proper care, it will continue providing potent metaphysical benefits for many years to come. Trust your intuition on when your stone needs cleansing or recharging.


Chrysoprase is a remarkable stone with a striking deep green color. As we've explored, it has a rich history and an uplifting spiritual meaning. The stone's soothing and healing energies can benefit us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When working with chrysoprase, it's important to cleanse it regularly and charge it appropriately to keep its vibrations high. By honoring its protective powers and anchoring qualities, we allow the stone to ground and stabilize our entire being.

Overall, this stone reminds us of nature's eternal gifts, by reflecting growth, hope, and heart-centered perception. Chrysoprase teaches us that real wealth stems from compassion, gratitude, and living in harmony with the earth. When we open ourselves to chrysoprase's restorative energies, we discover a state of wholeness, vitality, and inner peace.